The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Jewellery for Your Face Shape

Did you know that your face shape needs to be considered when choosing a piece of jewelry to wear? Your facial feature significantly affects the way you look with certain types of jewelry. The right necklace or earrings can enhance your finest features, while the wrong jewelry can ruin your look. You should know your face shape before you pick the best jewelry. Faces have 6 general shapes – Heart, Round, Oval, Rectangle, Square, and Triangle.

You can guess your face shape by looking at the mirror but you should do proper research and even measure your face a bit to confirm its shape. Plus, you can quickly research celebrity face shapes online and find whose face shape matches yours the most. Once you know your face shape, you can learn which necklaces and earrings will suit it the most.

Here, you will learn which jewelry to choose suited to your face shape. Let’s dive in:

Heart-Shaped Face: Broad Earrings and Short Necklaces

A heart-shaped face has a narrow chin and a wide forehead. Short necklaces and broad earrings suit this face shape.  Your jawline will look more balanced. Chandelier earrings always look good on a heart-shaped face. Triangular earnings help in balancing such a face. You can wear a necklace with a beautiful pendant so your face looks more symmetrical.

Round-Shaped Face: V-Shaped Necklaces and Narrow Earrings

Don’t wear jewelry if you have a round face as it will make your face look wider. Thus, always avoid hoops and circular-shaped earrings. Wear teardrop or narrow-shaped earrings. Pick long and V-shaped necklaces to create a balanced look. When you wear necklaces above your collarbone, it exaggerates your face’s round shape. Always keep this in mind when buying your new jewelry.

Oval-Shaped Face: Short Earrings

Oval-shaped faces tend to look good with all types of pieces of jewelry. However, you should keep certain things in mind. As an oval face looks longer than broad, you should avoid too-long earrings. Shorter earrings create a more balanced look and don’t make your face look long. Likewise, shorter necklaces are good-to-go. Collars can always work as they don’t fall below your shoulders. Wear earrings, which “crawl” up your ear, or earrings with shapes pointing upwards if you want to create a unique look.

Rectangular Face: Collar Necklaces and Soft-Shaped Jewellery

An “oblong” face has certain similarities with a square-shaped face. You should go for pieces of jewelry that have plenty of crescents and curves. You can also try other round-shaped jewelry to look softer. Big round jewelry and hoop earrings may not look good on your rectangular face. You should always aim to make your rectangular face look wider. Wear a choker and collar necklace as they look nice with a rectangular-shaped face.

Square Shaped Face: Long Earrings and Round Jewellery

A square face has a prominent jawline and thus, you should wear jewelry that softens your facial features. Wear long earrings and necklaces as they make your face look longer. Plus, ensure the jewelry you wear has curves and flowing shapes that give you a softer look. Hoop earrings and curve-shaped pendants look great on a square-shaped face.

Triangular Face: Matinee Necklaces and Hoop Earrings

When you have a triangular face, you should not focus much on your jawline and try to make your forehead look broader. Go for princess and matinee-length necklaces to give a longer look to your face. Wear an eye-catching pendant to steal the public eye. Hoop earrings also look good on your face shape. Put on curved longer earrings to soften your jawline.

The Bottom Line

We all know that some people may have a combination of various face shapes. The categories “triangular” and “round” may not match your unique facial features. Besides the above-mentioned face shapes, there are three more shapes that aren’t very common. This detailed guide can always help you to choose the right jewelry suited to your face shape. However, you can wear any type of jewelry without thinking about your face shape if you feel confident and beautiful. After all, every person is unique in their ways and should celebrate their uniqueness with the jewelry they wear.

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