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Why Should You Buy Jhumkas for Women Online from Kinnis Joolery?

Jhumkas, also called jhumkas, are traditional earrings worn by Indian women for centuries. They are usually made of silver, gold, and other high-quality metals and embellished with pearls and other precious stones. Kinnis Joolery offers jhumkas in a wide variety of designs, styles, and embellishments. You can always find the desired jhumkas in your budget at our store. Browse our latest collection today to pick your favourite jhumkas.

History of Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas have a rich history dating back centuries. They are a crucial part of Indian heritage and culture. The timeless elegance and intricate designs of jhumkas make them a popular accessory among Indian women of all ages belonging to all classes. Even foreigners like to buy some beautiful pairs of jhumkas whenever they visit India. Jhumka earrings originated from ancient Persia and India. In 300 BC, the deities in temples were decked up in jhumkas in tribute and recognition of their status. Bharatnatyam dancers have popularized the jhumkas that women wear today.

The acceptance for jhumka earrings increased across India with the jewellery piece getting extremely popular among royal and noble families. Each of these groups picked the signature bell-shaped earrings and made them their own by adding various design elements, such as jewels and gemstones. As the nobles, mainly women, used to wear heavy jewellery every day. During that time, jhumka earrings had innovative designs. Such earrings had a hollow interior, which made them lightweight and comfortable to wear without reducing the style quotient. As a consequence, women of succeeding generations started preferring jhumka earrings.

The Mughal Empire upgraded the style of jhumka earrings. They added a “sankali”, a jewellery chain connected to a “kanphool” (a statement stud), which adds a regal touch to your jewellery. Since jhumkas have a hollow interior, you can wear them much more easily than other types of earrings. They are appropriate to wear with a saree, salwar kameez or kurtis on all occasions. If you want to add a modern touch to your jhumka earrings, go for earrings with asymmetrical shapes. Silhouettes, asymmetrical and abstract-shaped earrings are trendy jewelleries that you tend to find among jhumkas.

When you switch out from a symmetrical style, you can experiment with your looks to create something new. Women who love the art of pieces of jewellery should wear jhumar/jhumka earrings as they have a chandelier shape, which makes them fall elegantly above the shoulders. They are the right choice for a semi-formal event when you wear ethnic outfits. If you want to add a piece of unique jewellery to your overall demeanour, you should wear jhumkas.

The Contemporary Styles of Jhumka Earrings

Ear cuffs are one of the most trending contemporarily designed jhumka earrings. They are always in demand because of their intricate design. Earcuffs can give a fun and feminine touch to your look if you tie your hair in an updo. Such earrings usually take a peacock design and carry their design from the ear cuff to the bell silhouette.

Quilled jhumka earrings are the newest style of jhumka earrings that is getting extremely popular. The quilling trend has originated from paper craft, and to jhumka earrings, which allow you to transform your favourite pair of earrings into an art piece. You can find a wide variety of jhumka earrings in various shapes and colours, which help you to stand out in a crowd. Hoop jhumka earrings are contemporary earrings that are a combination of two famous earning styles. When you wear classic golden-coloured hoop earrings with bell-shaped jhumkas, it helps in distributing the earrings’ weight.

Reasons to Wear Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are kind of wardrobe essential for all women, mainly because of the way they enhance the overall appearance by bedecking ears and shoulders. If your jewellery box misses a pair of traditional or contemporary jhumkas, you should buy and wear one to complete your look.

Here are the key reasons to wear jhumka earrings:

Extremely Versatile

As jhumkas are available in all sizes, shapes and colors, you can always find one suited to your favorite outfit, requirements and preferences. You can find jhumkas in almost all colours, be it traditional gold-plated, classic silver oxidized or contemporary metallic finished. Once you browse our collection, you can always find the desired piece of jewellery.

Suited for All Types of Clothes

Jhumkas are those types of jewellery that can add a fashionable twist to all kinds of outfits. Even though jhumkas look traditionally Indian, you can pair them up with diverse outfits to create unique looks.

Budget Friendly

Jhumka earrings are affordable jewellery that helps you to create different looks with different outfits. The more jhumkis you can buy from our store, the more astonishing looks you can create.


Even though jhumkas look ornate and regal, they are quite light in weight. They are perfect for an outing or long hours of work. The detailed looks of royal charm would be so lightweight and easy to carry, you would feel like wearing them every day.

Compatible With a Wide Variety of Accessories

You can pair your jhumkis with various types of pieces of jewellery, such as rings, nose rings, anklets, necklaces, chokers, maangtikaas and bracelets. Such pairings add a layer of versatility to your looks. Consider the jhumkas as your plain canvas and fill it with other types of pieces of jewellery to complete your look.

The Perfect Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Jhumkas aren’t only available in traditional designs. You can experiment with square, square cones and conical-shaped jhumkas. At our store, you can easily buy and wear jhumkas that also look modern. Many women tend to mix and match three to four pairs of traditional and modern jhumkas to create a unique look.

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