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Why Should You Buy Bangles for Women Online From Kinni’s Joolery?

Bangles are much more than only accessories for Indian women but an integral part of their identity. In India, it’s customary for women to wear bangles as they are a symbol of an Indian female’s marital auspiciousness or suhaag. Kinni’s Joolery offers bangles in a wide variety of styles, designs, and sizes. Once you browse our collection online, you can always buy the most desired bangles in your budget. We have every type of bangle for any type of woman. With our bangles, you can steal the show!

Benefits of Wearing Bangles by Women

Bangles have a high traditional value for Indian women. They are usually made of silver, glass, copper, and wood. The tradition of wearing bangles by Indian women has been quite old. Even nowadays, women love wearing bangles to enhance their beauty and grace. Besides adorning your arms, bangles have a good deal of benefits.

Here are the key benefits of wearing bangles by women:

Maintain the Level of Blood Circulation

When you wear bangles on your wrists, they create consistent friction with your wrists that boosts the blood circulation level. Plus, the electricity passing out via your outer skin again gets reverted to your body due to the ring-shaped bangles. They have no ends to transfer the energy outside but pass it back to your body. Your wrist area is supposed to have certain pressure points, which help in maintaining your hormonal balance when pressed by your bangles. Due to this reason, many men used to wear bangle-like accessories in the old days.

Relieve Stress of Both Mother and Child

A ceremony, known as a “baby shower” is celebrated in South India where they give bangles to pregnant women. However, this ceremony has a deep scientific meaning. As per a scientific study, the brain cells of a baby activate during the pregnancy’s seventh month. It starts learning and recognizing sounds. The bangles’ tinkling sound gives acoustic stimuli to the baby. It is the time when exposure to soothing sounds and classical music affects a child’s disposition later in their life.

Control Emotions

According to research on women wearing bangles made of glass and other synthetic materials, women wearing non-glass bangles suffered distress such as fatigue, and pressure on their body or head. Glass bangles are controllers of strong emotions.

Keep Away Unwanted Negative Energies

The sound of bangles caused by the friction in your hands helps to keep away the unwanted negative energies from your body. Glass bangles absorb the atmosphere’s purity and goodness, surrounding natural environment elements, and radiate the positives to the people wearing them. The sound created because of the jostling of bangles is gentle and soothing to the environment. The sound echoes back to the serenity of the surroundings onto the serenity. Plus, glass bangles reply to the negative vibes in the environment and protect the wearer’s body from evil elements in the surroundings. The several bangles worn by a newly married woman create Marak (Destroyer) waves, which protect them from negative energies and evil eyes.

Strengthen Hand Bones

Bangles made of silver and gold help in strengthening the bones of the wearers’ hands. The metallic properties of such metals enter inside your body because of the friction of silver and gold. Such metals have medicinal benefits that boost your health condition. The ashes of such ornaments are used in Ayurveda to pass energy to your body.

The Significance of Bangles for Indian Married Women

Wearing bangles is a kind of compulsion for Indian married women as such accessories symbolize the health of their husbands. But, the color and material of bangles vary from one location to another location. The Chudha or ivory bangles are compulsory to be worn by married women in Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir. The bangles made of Shell (Sankha) and Lac (Pola) are a must to be worn by married women in West Bengal and Odisha. Women from South India, such as Karnataka and Maharashtra, wear Green colored bangles. Whereas, women from North India, such as Punjab and UP, wear red bangles. Red color has the power to kill evil spirits, whereas Green has the divine quality of being vibrant and peaceful.

Bangles with gold-colored work aren’t as good for your health and don’t pass on the benefits, which transparent glasses do. Some communities believe that women shouldn’t wear gold bangles alone and team them up with glass bangles. Women in certain communities are so superstitious that they don’t remove all bangles when changing them so their arms don’t get fully bare. The women keep wearing at least one bangle to their arms until they wear another set of bangles as they believe empty arms attract bad luck. Hindu widows don’t wear bangles as per the customs. They can wear gold bangles but wearing glass bangles isn’t allowed for them.

Shop Beautiful Bangles in Our Store

At Kinni’s Joolery, you can find diverse bangles that add a stylish and contemporary touch to your overall look. Our exclusive collection of bangles is adaptable and subtle. You may keep everything light by wearing one simple bangle or look bold by wearing plenty of bangles and matching them to other accessories in your collection, such as watches and bracelets.

Do you want to treat yourself or any of your favorite people with unique bangles? Shop bangles online from our store. Browse our latest collection in your budget and pick the ones suited to your preferences, and requirements. You may start your tradition by commemorating special occasions with certain types of jewelry. Bangles will be a great way to portray your life stories, irrespective of the occasion you attend. With our exquisite bangles, you can elevate your charm and attract all your attention.

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